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#huntquest #kentuckybowhunt S3-E17- Blue Grass Whitetails!

Join Scott on this awesome Kentucky bow hunt. His buddy Shon Wright is behind the camera on this fantastic quest! Does he connect? A must watch!


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Hunt Quest with Scott Ellis S1-E1 FIRST TIMERS

Scott teams up with Jorge Corzo and Olivia Chancey in Central Florida, to try and get their first gobblers.

Now Available on the App Store and Google Play

Turkey Tech with Scott Ellis-Avaialble at Google Play and the App Store

Learn the vocabulary of the wild turkey and how to create the calls on pot and mouth calls. Video/audio/text instructions. Also sounds of the wild turkey.

A Season For a Lifetime-

Father/Son Single Season Grand Slams

Learn how to turkey call-Mouth Call Magic 2 with Scott Ellis

To order goto A quick overview of Mouth Call Magic 2. A comprehensive look at three types of hen yelping on four different style mouth calls. Also learn, the five m...

Sound more turkey, KILL more turkeys!!!!!

If you've had success with my Youtube video tips...You have to get a copy! Much more detail on the mouth call!
  • yelps and the cackle!
  • Cutting and excited yelping!
  • Yelping, the clear front note!
  • Cluck and purr, plus the whine, soft yelping!
  • Kee Kee Run!

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Mouth Call Magic - MCM1

Turkey mouth call instructional DVD

Mouth Call Magic - MCM-C

Shipment to Canada

  • Learn the three types of hen yelps on the four basic mouth calls. Ghost Cut, Bat wing, Combo/cutter and Split V
  • Also- Tree talk, fly down cackling, cutting, run and the Cluck and purr on all FOUR calls
  • Locator Calls (owl and crow)
  • Successful Grand Slam hunt with Scott and friends in four states-Florida, South Carolina, and Nebraska.
  • "Waitin On Tom" video with Scott Ellis and Tony Young. 2013 NWTF "Turkey Call" show theme song.

Mouth Call Magic 2 - MCM2

Mouth Instructional DVD

Mouth Call Magic 2 - MCM2-Canada

shipments to Canada

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New Energy

Black Reactor

Tony Young - "Waitin' on Tom" (featuring Scott Ellis)

Available on:iTunes Tony Young on Facebook (