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Product Reviews:

Ol' Tom

Long Sleeve Performance 1/4 Zip

Product ID: : OT3120

A great light weight turkey hunting shirt. Slip it over a Tshirt and your ready to hunt. You can also use it as a base layer on those chilly spring mornings! I've been using one all turkey season and absolutely love the shirt!

Thermacell Insect Repellent Appliance:

Simply put, If you dont have one....GET ONE. Repells mosquitos without all that sticky, smelly bug spray. It provides a large radius(15ft) of bug fighting protection.I have been using a Thermacell for over 10 years and wouldnt leave home without it. Living in Florida we have mosquitos nearly year round and I'm not sure what I did the 20 years prior to the unit! From archery hunting whitetails, duck hunting swamps to chasing spring gobblers. I use it at baseball games for my son and outdoor BBQ's. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND PURCHASE ONE OF THESE UNITS. You will not be disappointed.

Accesories for the unit are:

  • Holster w/ belt clip
  • Light
  • refill packages


For 7 seasons now, I have been using a Tri Glo open red dot scope for my turkey gun. This year Truglo released there new TRI Color dot sight and they have hit a homerun! Depending on light conditons and terrain I can choose the color that shows up best. I installed the new scope the week before season and it has been the demise of both of my 2013 Osceolas. The choice of red, green and blue dots along with 4 reticle choices makes it even more versatile than before! I am truly in love with this baby! No more need for cheek to stock weld, which in my opinion causes more misses on turkeys than other factor. I can honestly say using this product has increased by odds of making a clean shot on a gobbler 3 fold!